What makes Primus Mineral Water so special?

We present it...

The Primus mineral water was created as a result of the melting caused by the Ice Age warming 18,000 years ago, which seeped down into the Triassic karst at a depth of 452 meters for a long time.

In this water base, it was filled with valuable minerals such as: calcium, magnesium and silicon, which is considered the source of eternal youth.

Primus mineral water is a superdrink for those who like a particularly original taste.

For thousands of years, the depth of the Earth protected its purity from influences above the surface. In the rest of the world, it has only recently started to be really known. And those who get to know it extol its extraordinary effect on health and quality of life.


What makes it so special?  

The secret lies in its untouched naturalness and careful bottling.


Special origin

The very closed soil composition above the water base protects the water quality and guarantees a very long filtration time, as well as filling with precious minerals.


Each drop is 17,400 years old

Primus mineral water is bottled in the immediate vicinity of our mineral water well in bottles produced by us, after rinsing with mineral water, in a closed, bacteria-free, overpressured chamber.

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